Wednesday, February 22, 2006

IFLA. Information Literacy Section

Plan estratégico, 2006-2007

En muchas ocasiones, estudiantes bibliotecarios me preguntan si existe una página sobre la alfabetización informativa desde la IFLA; por supuesto que les canalizo a la misma y es conveniente el recordar el plan estratégico, su misión y sus metas, asimismo las acciones a llevar a cabo.


The primary purpose of th Information Literacy Section is to oster intrnational cooperation and to promote information literacy in all typs of libraries, as well as to lead the information world in pomotin ingormtion literacies as they relate to the three IFLA Pllars: Membership and the Profession.


A. Goal (Supporting the role of libraries in society).

To pomote the imortance of information literacy for all sectors of soicety (students, parents, educarors, decision makers, education administrators, business, etc.).

B. Goal (Promote literacy, reading, and lifelong learning).

To monitor and communicate best practice in the development of learning and teaching of informaton literarcy worldwide.

C. Goal (Promoting standards, guideline, developing information professionals, and best practices).

To provide opportunities for kanowledge skills and abilities for professionals with information literacy responsibilities.

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